A progressive Baptist community
Annapolis, MD



Registration for the Broadneck Baptist Music and Arts Camp is open!

Every summer, Broadneck welcomes in the children of the community for a week of growing in faith and creativity while learning a musical to be presented to their families. The play, music, and curriculum are often written by Broadneck members, tailored to meet the needs of our specific time and culture and surrounding community. On Monday-Friday mornings, kids who have completed grades K-5 spend time learning drama, music, and Bible stories around the summer's theme, and creating crafts and props to go along with the stories and songs they learn. It's an incredible week of learning and creativity!

Together we'll be exploring the theme of God's Dream.

We'll ask and explore questions surrounding this idea, such as:




  • What is God's dream for humanity?

  • How did Jesus show us how we can be part of making God's dreams come true?

This year we will be charging a supply fee of $10 per child or $20 per family that will be payable on the first day of camp. If this is a difficulty for your family, don't let that keep you away- scholarships are available! This is simply to help us defray the costs of craft supplies and providing a nutritious daily snack.

To register for the camp this year, please complete the form below.




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