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Our Pastor - Abby Thornton Hailey

Photo of Pastor Abby Thornton Abby Thornton Hailey has served as pastor of Broadneck Baptist Church since June 2010. She loves the way this church brings diverse people together on a common journey –a journey of asking questions, finding our places in God’s story, serving our community and world, and becoming family to one another.

Abby is a native of Richmond, Virginia, and holds a Bachelors of Arts in Religious Studies from the University of Virginia and a Master of Divinity from Duke University. In addition to her work at the church, she loves being outside in God’s creation, spending time connecting with friends and family, hanging out in coffee shops, pursuing work as a writer, travelling to new places, and (of course!) avidly following UVA and Duke sports and the Baltimore Orioles. Most of all she enjoys spending time with her husband, Victor, who is also an ordained clergyperson (in the Episcopal church) and their young son.

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Pastoral DNA at Broadneck Baptist

You can tell quite a bit about a church community from its previous pastors. Broadneck Baptist has been blessed by walking alongside many wonderful pastors over the years, and we invite you to learn more about the people who help make up our pastoral DNA.

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Priesthood of Believers

At Broadneck Baptist, we recognize that while pastoral leadership is important, everyone in the community of faith has the power and responsibility to explore, grow, and nuture as part of the priesthood of believers. We all work together to show Christ's love and help bring God's kingdom into people's everyday lives.

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Audio Recordings

Nearly every week, we record and post recordings of the sermons at Broadneck Baptist to help us connect and reflect. To get to know our pastors and our community, browse the recordings from the last five years and wrestle and wonder along with us as we learn more about God and God's love for all.

Hear sermons and meditations from pastors and guests at archive.org

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